Dubai Customs organises workshops for govt departments


 DUBAI: Dubai Customs in collaboration with Dubai Government Excellence Programme (DGEP) Secretariat General organized two introductory workshops on the categories of both electronically and financially distinguished Government Departments as part of DGEP categories and for which the nomination submission will be made in January 2014.

Mr. Juma Al Gaith, Executive Director of Customs Development Division at Dubai Customs began with saying that “ we are delighted to welcome DGEP Secretariat General advisors to Dubai Customs and appreciate their cooperation in delivering two workshops on the categories of both electronically and financially distinguished government departments”.

“After having won the first place under the category of the distinguished technological/technical project for two consecutive years that is in 2011 for the Business To Government Channel (B2G) and in 2012 for Risk Engine project, we are making every effort to progress and maintain top places within such category and other categories as well,” said Al Gaith. “Dubai Customs is keen at all times to improve its service delivery standards for facilitating customs business procedures in such a way that will achieve customers’` satisfaction and ensure a value-added to them,” he added. The workshops were facilitated by Dr. Ziad Al Kahlout, the Quality and Excellence Advisor and Mr. Osama Hammad, Senior Advisor from DGEP Secretariat General. While opening the workshops, Dr. Al Kahlout spoke about DGEP and the most important developments and categories that have been created within DGEP. Dr. Al Kahlout then delivered a working paper on the financially distinguished government department reviewing the most important submission requirements for such category and its criteria, which refers to any government department or administration found to be distinguished in financial resources management, observes rationalization of expenses and committed to the budget and generation of revenue.

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