Lahore Customs Agents launch strike

LAHORE: Lahore Customs Agents Association has decided to go on complete strike today at all stations in order to express solidarity with the Karachi Customs Agents Association. The decision was taken in an emergent meeting of the body.

Lahore Customs Agents Association Chairman M Amjad Chaudhry and President Agha Iftikhar said that FIRs were registered against Customs Agents in Karachi to change the facts in Afghan Transit Trade missing containers scam adding that Customs Agents are also being arrested in the case.

They said that Customs Clearing Agents handed over cargo and containers to the approved bonded carriers after fulfilling all legal requirements, adding that the carriers are duty bound to deliver all relevant documents and containers to Customs officials.

Lahore Customs Agents Association President Agha Iftikhar said that Customs officials should not use such tactics to malign the Customs agents and save the real culprits.