Port Qasim shipping activities

KARACHI: Following is the berthing schedule of vessels loading and unloading at Port Qasim:

Commodity      Tonnes/TEUs  Ship               Load/Unload

Wheat                    n/a          Ince Beylebey      unload

Palm Oil               n/a          Chemroad Juji      unload

Cement               n/a          Observator               load

Cement               n/a          Diamond Star           load

Containers        n/a          Hanjin Los Angles  load/unload

Containers        n/a          Moliere                       load/unload

Containers        n/a          Nystyed Maersk     load/unload

The Port Qasim Authority said it handled 101,132 tonnes of cargo during the 24 hours to 8 a.m. (0300 GMT) on Wednesday compared to 71,377 tonnes in the previous 24 hours.

Cargo handling in tonnes

Wednesday    Previous

Export cargo    55,569       22,162

Import cargo    45,563       49,215

In the 24 hours, two ships arrived and three ships sailed. In the next 24 hours, one ship is expected to sail and nine ships are expected to arrive.