Remittances up by 7pc

LAHORE: Overseas Pakistanis remitted $2637.27 million in first two months (July & August) of the current fiscal year.

It shows a growth of 7.05 percent as compared to $2463.69 million received during the same period of last fiscal year, said a statement by State Bank of Pakistan.

The inflow of remittances in July-August from Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, UK, GCC countries including Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman and EU countries amounted to $732.50 million, $506.78 million, $448.60 million, $419.74 million, $295.59 million and $74.97 million respectively as compared to the inflow of $657.78 million, $505.80 million, $446.61 million, $334.06 million, $274.09 million and $63.57 million respectively in July-August FY12-13.

Remittances received from Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Japan and other countries during the first two months of current fiscal year amounted to $159.09 million against $ 181.78 million received in the first two months of last fiscal year.

In August 2013, the inflow of remittances from Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, UK, GCC countries (including Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman), and EU countries amounted to $321.77 million, $254.37 million, $215.54 million, $197.81 million, $134.15 million and $36.38 million respectively as compared to the inflow of $308.12 million, $265.26 million, $231.31 million, $185.57 million, $133.73 million and $32.74 million respectively in August 2012. Remittances received from Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Japan and other countries during the second month of the current fiscal year (August FY14) amounted to $72.86 million, the SBP statement said.

FBR’s Member Admin holds the system together and keeps it going

ISLAMABAD: The key role of the Administration Wing of FBR is overall administration of the Board, its attached departments and field formations, including transfers and postings, appraisals, processing and monitoring of all development projects. The entire budget of FBR is also managed and supervised by the wing.

This was stated by Shahid Hussain Jatoi, Member Administration in Federal Board of Revenue in an exclusive interview with Customs Today recently. He said that like any other organization FBR has an effective Administration Wing which is performing its duties with great responsibility. He said that the Administration Wing has launched another effective system namely HRIS, the first of its kind by any organization in Pakistan. Complete data and record of all the officers and their performance is stored and maintained through this system. This method provides all the required information of each officer with a single click.

He said that Admin Wing remains watchful to ensure that transfers and postings are decided on merit and sees that no ambiguity is left in this regard. Admin Wing makes transfers and postings up to 19 grade officers and the rest are made by the Central Selection Board. Answering a question he said it is true that the wing has to face pressures from different circles, including politicians, regarding transfers and postings but under the supervision of Tariq Bajwa, Chairman FBR, all the work is carried out absolutely on merit. Under the new set-up, the Administration wing is working in a congenial atmosphere and exercising its free will in the selection of officers at important places.

Replying to a question, he said that infrastructure maintenance of FBR buildings, on rent or owned, is also a basic function of our department.” We deal with maintenance and construction of buildings, offices and even residences of officers.”

Similarly, other assignments like holding training sessions for officers, supervising their promotions, helping in career planning, managing their leaves, taking disciplinary actions against them and above all hiring and firing of officers are all in the line of duty of the Administration wing

In addition, the department also deals with seniority cases, qualification issues, performance and evaluation reports and overall professional reputation. In other words, career profile mechanism is the responsibility of the department.

Replying to another question, Mr Jatoi said that if complaints against FBR officers are anonymous and of general nature and allegations do not contain any evidence, then there would hardly any justification for taking action. However, complaints with specific details and evidences are first verified through various means and then a preliminary report is prepared to initiate disciplinary action against the officers.

Apart from Admin Wing, he said other wings in FBR and government agencies simultaneously deal with the investigation of complaints about corruption and corrupt practices.

He added that the culture of filing genuine complaints does not exist in our country due to various reasons like fear of retribution, lack of trust and faith in the system and lack of knowledge of the legal rights of traders under various laws.

He said that there is a proper mechanism established for complaints which is simple and quick in nature. “If we find any complaint in writing and there is nobody to own the complaint, we cannot work on it. We can only act upon specific details and material evidence. Once we find out any evidence, we initiate proceedings in this regard.” At present some complaints and fact finding inquiries are pending and there are other cases in which charge sheets have been prepared and issued.





FBR transfers/posts 18 officials of IRS & Customs Service

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has transferred and posted 15 officials of Grade20-19 of Inland Revenue Service and 3 officials of Grade 19-18 of Pakistan Customs Service.

Transfers/Postings of the following officers of (BS-19-20) of Inland Revenue Service are made with immediate effect and until further orders:-

Mr. Gholam Kazim Hosein (BS-20), Dr. Ikram Ghani (BS-20), Mr. Salim Raza Asif (BS-20), Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Ali Indhar (BS-20), Dr. Muhammad Akram Khan (BS-20), Dr. Muhammad Naeem (BS-19), Mr. Muhammad Imtiaz (BS-19), Dr. Hamid Ateeq Sarwar (BS-19), Mr. Ch. Muhammad Tarique (BS-19), Mr. Khalid Javed (BS-19), Mr. Ahmad Shuja Khan (BS-19), Dr. Ahmad Shahab (BS-19), Mr. Muhammad Abid Raza Bodla (BS-19), Mr. Afaque Ahmed Qureshi (BS-19) and Mr. Muhammad Shaukat Hayat Cheema (BS-19).

Transfers/Postings of the following officers of (BS-18-19) of Pakistan Customs Service are made with immediate effect and until further orders:-

Dr. Kamal Azhar Minhas (BS-19), Mr. Zahid Ali Baig (BS-19) and Mr. Ijaz Badshah (BS-18).

The Officers who are drawing performance allowance prior to issuance of this notification shall continue to draw this allowance on the new place of posting.

All above listed officers are requested to Relinquish/Assume charge, using online HRMS facility made available to FBR or by using their IJP logins.

Mr. Sarfraz Ahmad (IRS/BS-20) presently posted as CIR (Zone-II), RTO, Islamabad is assigned the “additional charge” of the post of CIR (WHT) RTO, Islamabad with immediate effect and until further orders in addition to his own duties.

The additional charge of CIR (Zone-XI) RTO-II, Lahore assigned to Mr. Asim Ahmad (IRS/BS-20) presently posted as CIR (WHT), RTO-II, Lahore vide Board’s Notification No 2024-IR-I/2013, dated 23.08.2013 is hereby withdrawn with immediate effect.

Customs agents call off countrywide strike after successful talks

KARACHI: Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA) and All Pakistan Customs Agents Association (APCAA) on Wednesday called off their countrywide strike after successful talks with Collector Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) West Muhammad Saleem who assured them to redress their issues as soon as possible.

Sources informed Customs Today that a delegation of Customs agents comprising President KCAA Saifullah Khan, General Secretary Yahya Muhammad, Chairman APCAA Syed Shams Burney, Senior Vice President APCAA Arshad Jamal, Zahid Qazi, Ifthiqar Shaikh and others met with the Collector Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) West Muhammad Saleem at his office.

Sources further told that an Assistant Collector Mukhtiar Shaikh and a principal appraiser acted as a bridge between Customs Department and Customs agents in order to hold discussions.

During the meeting, the Customs officials agreed upon to conduct re-hearing of the show-cause notices issued against Customs Agents in Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) scam. He also assured that no new ONO would be issued against them. The Customs officials also assured the Customs agents to constitute a committee for redressal of their grievances regarding WeBOC.

FBR Chairman attends “Big Fast Results Seminar"

ISLAMABAD: Chairman FBR Tariq Bajwa attended one-day “Big Fast Results Seminar” on Wednesday at P-Block Pak Secretariat in Planning and Development Ministry.

Speaking on the occasion, Malaysian Minister for Performance, Idris Jala said that Pakistan required political stability and conducive climate for investment for economic development.

While, Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal said that Pakistan could learn a lot from the Malaysian experience of performance, deliverance and monitoring in the public sector.

Anti-smuggling wing confiscates 512 computer LCDs

LAHORE: Lahore Model Customs Collectorate anti-smuggling wing on Wednesday seized at least 512 non-duty paid Computer LCDs at Faizpur Interchange.

Official source said that a team of anti-smuggling wing on a tip-off raided a Mazda truck and confiscated 512 computer LCDs worth Rs 25 lakh market value.

Source said that LCDs were being smuggled from Peshawar to a Lahore market.

According to source, a case under Customs Act has been registered against the responsible.