TCP awards tender for import of 75,000MT Urea

KARACHI: Despite being self-sufficient in Urea production, Pakistan has to import the fertilizer primarily because of acute shortage of natural gas in the country.

Consequently the Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP), in response to its tender opened on 22-07-2013 has awarded contract for import of 75,000 metric tonnes (MTs) of Urea to the lowest bidder M/s. Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprises PTC at US$ 317.00 per metric tonne (PMT) C&F.

The tender was floated on 10-07-2013. Overall 13 bids were received, out of which 12 were found responsive in terms of prescribed evaluation criteria. The prices quoted in the tender ranged from US$317.00 to US$ 338.87 PMT (C&F). M/s. Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprises PTC offered the lowest price of US$317.00 C&F for 75,000 MT, conforming to technical specifications and terms and conditions of the tender. Keeping in view the competitiveness and consonance of the price viz-a-viz the international price of Urea, the offer was accepted and the contract was awarded to the lowest bidder accordingly.

The TCP is importing 300,000 MT Urea in pursuance of the decision of the ECC of the Cabinet. A fresh tender for the balance quantity is being issued separately, to complete the total targeted quantity.

China Focus Cell established at TDAP to enhance trade ties

The establishment of “China Focus Cell” at Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) dedicated to enhancing trade relations between China and Pakistan seems a strategic change of external trade focus from West to East.

It is important to note that the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s recent visit to China has given a new impetus to Pak-China Economic Cooperation which will usher in a new era of bilateral trade between two brotherly countries. The visit culminated in the signing of MoUs between Islamabad and Beijing which will reinvigorate trade relationship between both the countries.

Over the years, China has become key trading partner of Pakistan, resulting in increase in export to China which reached US$ 2,620 million in the year 2012 from US$ 436 million in the year 2005. This increase is predominantly attributed to Pakistan’s engagement in Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China that came into effect in July 2007 whose second phase has started this year. Pakistan’s imports from China stood at US$ 6,687 million in the year 2012 indicating hefty trade gap which needs to be tilted in favor of Pakistan through proactive participation of all stakeholders. The Chinese market is attractive for a number of Pakistani products especially textile and textile products, leather and leather garments, fresh fruits, seafood, cutlery, cement, ores, marble and handicrafts.

Development of Kashgar-Gwadar Economic Corridor will be extremely helpful in bridging gap between Gwadar, Baltistan & North West Region of China by bringing tremendous trade opportunities in the region. TDAP’s newly established China Focus Cell is headed by Director General (Marketing Division Asia) and staffed by a dedicated team of professionals, who will highlight trade opportunities for Pakistan in China and act as a catalyst in bringing about desired results in coordination with all relevant quarters.

Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) envisages outstanding trade opportunities after the epoch-making visit and to capitalize on trade prospects, it has established a “China Focus Cell” at TDAP’s Headquarters, Karachi on the directives of the Secretary TDAP.

Director TDAP assures jewelers to resolve their problems

Faiza Israr

ISLAMABAD: The Director Trade Development Authority Pakistan (TDAP) said that our 90 percent exports were initially based on cotton but they are decreased to 62 pc now. There is a high demand of our jewels and gems in the international market as well.

The traders of jewelry while talking to Customs Today told their demands and problems in this regard. The association had already held a meeting with Director TDAP Omer Hameed to point out their difficulties and demands, including the facilitation in the form E, difficulties in airport customs and security issues.

The exporters of gold jewelry are of the view that there should be training courses, seminars and exhibitions for them. There is a big problem for the Rawalpindi Islamabad Jewelers Association that they have to go to Karachi or Peshawer for the registration so there should also be an independent Rawalpindi Islamabad Association office.

Due to unavailability of any lab, there is a lack of new designs which results in loss of foreign exchange in the international market. They also suggested that there should be an informatory booklet in TDAP so people will get benefit out of it. They showed their reservations on the issue of the security which in their view is the biggest problem. They said that they had to take their luggage by themselves and they roam here and there without security on airport but there is no separate way or counter at Islamabad Airport.

Duty rate on import and export of machinery equipment should be zero which ultimately benefits importers and exporters. Director TDAP Omer Hameed assured that there will be a meeting in Ministry of Commerce where the representatives from customs, ASF, A&F and banks will be asked to accommodate exporters and importers.